cartographer Nikita Slavin

Ocean plastic map

Map of plastic pollution made from plastic

Square edition of the map was selected for the GeoHipster 2020 calendar

 “Plastic debris and microplastics is transported by ocean currents across borders. It is found everywhere, even on the remotest shores of uninhabited islands, in the Arctic ice, the deep ocean and in a broad array of marine organisms.

  While our knowledge of the impact of plastics in our oceans is incomplete, what we already know shows we should notwait before taking action.”

– Achim Steiner, Vidar Helgesen foreword for “Marine plastic debris and microplastics – Global lessons and research to inspire action and guide

policy change. United Nations Environment Programme, Nairobi. UNEP (2016).

More than 15 layers are printed on plastic foil. Stacked layers give the possibility to see through the depth of the ocean
The map on the light table, overlayed with mismanaged waste distribution
Printed version

Printed version in Pierce projection

The map was made in TU Vienna during Project Map Creation course, part of International Master Cartography Program