The Elbrus

gypsum concrete model

Based on open-source elevation data, we have prepared a three-dimensional model of the Elbrus mountain and its surroundings. The model is cartographically accurate with respect to the both vertical (1:100 000) and horizontal (1:150 000) scales.

In a workshop, specialists turned the 3D mesh into a real tangible model. It is made of gypsum concrete and has dimensions of 170x170x50 mm. The model has an unusual, pleasant feel and its rough surface makes each product unique. It is made of gypsum concrete.

It looks fun at home – especially in the evenings, in complex lighting (you can imitate sunrises and sunsets with a candle); it brings back memories of past adventures and pushes for new ones. It is also possible to buy it at the Kon-Tiki maps shop.

The idea by Nikita Slavin

Building up the 3D model by Milana Glebova

Creating a gypsum concrete model by julys.lab

For Kon-Tiki Publishers